Happy new year everybody!

Hope you guys had a good time while celebrating into the new year.

We started the year by browsing through our ideas folder (that’s the folder where we drop recordings from the rehearsals for later use) and picking up some ideas to work on them.
Most often they stay there for quite a time before we give them a shot. That’s how Nekyia was created by the way. The idea to that song is actually pretty old.
So we have one or two songs we’re working on right now. It makes us a little bit sad that you guys get to listen to the final songs months later (when we have a full album ready). But that’s how it is.

Johannes is working hard on getting us on the stage at some festivals this year. We’ll see how that turns out.
Meanwhile we’ll play the first show of this year in January. Check the shows section for details.

Our goal for this year is to play more shows further away. That sound’s easier than it is (when you have no promoter). But we’ll do our best!

That’s it for now.
See you guys on the next shows.
Take care and bye!

Stargazer Band


Today is the day we have waited for at least the last two years producing our 2nd album Stargazer.
It was a whole ton of work and it wasn’t always easy to continue but we learned a lot and grew as a band.

Now the day has finally come to release Stargazer and we couldn’t be happier and more eager to let you finally have a listen.
A big thank you goes out to Erdem Engin without whom we could not have made this album.

So now head over to Arctic Drones and please enjoy Stargazer!

Waves Stargazer


Before we’re going to release Stargazer – our new record – we wanted to pre-release one song of it.
It was kind of funny that it was such a hard decision to pick a song. Usually you think that this (the song), will represent the upcoming record. Well in our case it’s not. Each of us has different favorite songs on all of our records and so it is this time.

Why we actually picked Hikikomori is because it’s a really strong one. It’s pretty rare that we as a band click instantly when we create a song. With Hikikomori it took us about 30 minutes to come up with the basic setting and we’ve started working from that point.

We are pretty happy with the outcome and hope that you people will find it nice to hear in all of your different situations.

You’ll find it here:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZoKDbKde4U
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wavesband/hikikomori/

As usual feel free to share.




Hello friends! Long time no see… We know.
We’re on the road for 3 shows. Here are the dates:
10/2/14 Leipzig, UT Connewitz w/ Einar Stray Orchestra
10/3/14 Berlin, Tiefgrund w/ Unknown Connection Failure
10/4/14 Ilmenau, Baracke 5 w/ Arktis/Air
Hope to see some of you guys at the shows. With love, Waves! P.S. The picture is from Leipzig. Amazing venue!



A couple of months ago filmmaker Randy M. Salo came to visit us in the rehearsal room with his production crew.
He wanted to film an interview and a rehearsal for his documentary web-series, Munich Unsigned, which portraits bands in the underground rock scene in Munich. We are super excited about the final result and very proud to be a part of the series. You can find the episode in our video section.
Check out more bands from the series on his Facebook and Youtube Channels!

Munich Unsigned Facebook
Munich Unsigned YouTube



Today we’re announcing an upcoming show.
Date will be the 8th of April. Venue: Sunny Red / Munich.
We’re sharing the stage with Colaris (Berlin) and tanertill (Munich). Both great bands and it is a real honor for us, that we can play the show with those bands.
We’ll list the date soon in our tourdates section.